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Hydrops Fetalis and THE Parvovirus B-19

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 4 ]


Emmanuel N. Kontomanolis* and Z. Fasoulakis   Pages 239 - 252 ( 14 )


Definition: Hydrops Fetalis (HF) or fetal hydrops is identified as an abnormal interstitial collection of fluid in at least 2 or more compartments of the fetal torso (peritoneal cavity, pleura, and pericardium). An alternative definition discusses about liquor accumulation in two fetal anatomical areas or an effusion in one site and anasarca.

Background: Parvovirus B-19 is a common childhood illness; the virus can cause fetal anemia, non-immune fetal hydrops, and spontaneous abortion and might lead to fetal demise.

HF is the pathological distribution of body fluids between the interstitial and the intravascular areas of the fetus. Normally, in the fetal organism there is a continuous circular movement of the lymph from the interstitial space into the vascular system and vice versa. The detection of a solely effusion represents the initial stage of a systemic disorder that will lead to a fully developed hydrops or remain just a local disorder.

Objective: The connection between parvovirus B-19 and fetal hydrops.

Conclusion: The view is unbeatable, severely swollen babies; immune hydrops is surfaced because of the maternal antibodies targeted against red blood cells with Rh positive antibody of the fetus, while the non-immune is due to a variety of pathological conditions in pregnancy.


Parvovirus, hydrops fetalis, lung maturity, neonate, fetus, resuscitation.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Democritus University of Medicine in Thrace, Konotin, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Democritus University of Medicine in Thrace, Konotin

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